Welcome to PEAK!
Our mission is to


Parents & Educators Advancing Knowledge. That’s who we are and what we do! We are Early Light Academy’s parent-teacher organization (PTO) and our mission is to empower the ELA community to accomplish what it wants. We raise funds for awesome programs that help students imagine and connect. We help fill teacher requests so they are supported and encouraged. We support the amazing staff at ELA so they can focus on the important things, and we do it all as a team because we are part of the the ELA community too. Join us!


Our Impact

It’s no secret that being involved in your child’s education helps increase their success. Joining PEAK is an excellent way to become involved at ELA. Whether you’re a Room Parent in the classroom or a volunteer at the History Fair, spending time supporting the educators, staff, and students of our incredible ELA community makes an impact.



THOUSAND Dollars Raised

During the 2018-2019 school year PEAK raised over $22,000 for ELA’s teachers, staff, and students. That funding goes to support valuable programs like art classes, sports activities, and teacher requests.




PEAK has been around as long as ELA has—over 10 years! Each year we work toward fulfilling our mission of supporting our ELA community.



Thousand children Impacted

Since the school opened in 2009, PEAK has had the opportunity to help impact over 7,000 students. That is an incredible responsibility that we are honored to take on.



Make a Donation

PEAK relies on donations from ELA families to make sponsoring the amazing programs we contribute to happen. Please consider donating to help PEAK expand our ability to support the ELA community. For every $10 you donate to PEAK, one volunteer hour may be logged into HelpCounter to count toward your family’s yearly quota. It’s also easy to donate passively to PEAK by shopping with Amazon Smile and Smith’s! It all adds up—every little bit counts!
PEAK is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

march 2019

Joining PEAK gave me the opportunity to give input on how students and teachers at ELA are supported. I’ve been able to make a real contribution to the educational environment I’ve chosen for my children.

Karen Sewell - Parent & PEAK Room Parent Coordinator


Get Involved

There are so many ways to be involved in all that PEAK does. Come to meetings and help us decide how to allocate our budget for the year. Sign up to be our Jr. High rep and help ensure the PRIDE teachers are taken care of. Sign up in HelpCounter to take a shift helping the elementary kids go through the lunch line. Sign up to bring food to feed our dedicated teachers during conferences. Simply donate to PEAK to pay off your family’s volunteer hours quota for the year.

The possibilities are broad and even the busiest parents can contribute. PEAK works hard to make sure there are plenty of opportunities for parents to support the ELA teachers, students, and staff, so find what you can do, and join us!


Join us at a meeting

PEAK meets once per month throughout the school year to plan upcoming activities and events. Join us and give us your input!

Volunteer opportunities

Sign in to HelpCounter to view all of the volunteer opportunities that we still need help with this year. Contact the school if you need an account.

Make a Donation

No time to volunteer? Pay off your hours instead! Every $10 donated to PEAK counts as one volunteer hour toward your family’s yearly quota.